Request to Pay

Someone owes you money?
Someone owes you money?

Businesses, as well as customers, who today use electronic payments during their everyday lives, are looking for more convenient payments. 

Small companies and customers will now have a fast way to collect their payment with sKash App using the “Request to Pay” feature. 

The traditional way

Most of you have experienced a situation with a friend, family member or even a merchant, where you needed to send or receive money, and you had to go through tons of questions about your bank account number, IBAN, your swift code etc. to a point where you prefer not to proceed with the transaction.  

Now all of that has changed with sKash! 

The revolutionary way

Through sKash Appyou can easily request money from anyone with just a TAP, once the recipient accepts your request, your account will automatically be debited with the amount requested, without any difficulty or any intermediaries. 

It is as easy as it sounds! 

Not only with sKashers!

Not only this feature is available between sKashers, but also our merchants can send you a “Request to Pay “, you just need to accept it in a TAP, then the money will be will be deducted from your account, and the product/service is now YOURS! 

And the good news is if you have a voucher from this merchant, it will be automatically deducted from your amount. 

Remember to spin the wheel & earn vouchers from your favorite merchants. Simple, Easy, and you keep on saving with sKash. 

Never Again!

Never again wait for your transactions to be cleared. 

Never again pay any charges to send or receive money 

Never again be short on cash while shopping. 

Never again ask for a bank account, ask if THEY TAKE sKash. 

Never again feel embarrassed while asking for your money. 

Our payment methods have just moved your payment game to a more competitive level!