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Digital Bank Account, Payment Tool & Loyalty Scheme
Digital Bank Account, Payment Tool & Loyalty Scheme

In the recent year, the banking industry has been competing to attract & gain new customers through various reward systems. 

And customers spend days asking themselves, which reward system is the best? Which reward system better suits their lifestyle? Which reward system delivers the best deals? Which reward system would reward for every single purchase? 

The answer is: sKash

The marvelous world of sKash’s innovative & unique system arrived not only to make a difference but also to set a NORM for all other reward systems. 

No more using your card merchants that are not your first option, No more collecting points & waiting to redeem them, No more changing your lifestyle to adapt to a reward system.  

sKash’s reward system will adapt to your lifestyle. 

The only thing you need to do with sKash is pay with your app or card. 

You simply pay at any merchant, in-store, online, anywhere in the world, you spin the wheel, and you get a voucher that you can instantly redeem. 

And wait there is even better news! 

You can gift your vouchers or even exchange them with any other merchant of your choice. 

Does it sound too good to be true? Yes, because it IS! 

What’s more than the reward system?

sKash offers much more services than the reward system! 

As a sKasher, you can manage all of your banking needs in one app. 

    • You can link all your bank accounts in one app 
    • You can send or request money to/from friends and family, FREE OF CHARGE. 
    • You have a contactless way of paying using the QR code from your app, where your voucher is instantly redeemed. 
    • You can avoid drama with your friends & family when splitting expenses with the “Split Bill”  feature. 
    • You can pay your bills directly from your sKash & even automate them to avoid late payment. 
    • You can withdraw from more than 350 ATM in Cyprus, cardless. Or from anywhere in the world using your card. 
    • You can create a sKash GO  account for your kids & request their card, FREE OF CHARGE.

So What are you waiting for?

Download the sKash app now & access the innovative world of sKash!