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How to use sKash?

Simple, Easy & More Rewards.
Simple, Easy & More Rewards.

Many users are always on the lookout for new ways to save money though rewards system, which makes them irresponsibly use random cards to save maximum up to 1% on a monthly basis. 

The Perfect Solution

Using one card for your everyday purchases while saving much more than pennies seems like the perfect solution. 

This is where sKash comes! 

The sKash card gives you an opportunity not only to save but also to personalize these savings based on your lifestyle. 

The personalized reward system allows you to save between 3-5% per month, by winning & instantly redeeming vouchers that you will actually use at your favorite merchants. 

No more collecting points & waiting to redeem them.   

And in case you didn’t like the voucher you have won, you can always gift it to your friends or family or even exchange with one that you will actually use. 

How the reward system works?

Every time you pay with your sKash App or sKash Mastercard, you will immediately get a spinner that will give you instant vouchers from our network of merchants. The next time you pay using sKash app the relevant voucher amount will be automatically deducted from your bill.

How your vouchers are personalized?

 sKash spinner’s self-learning smart algorithm is programmed to refine your vouchers based on your purchases’ behavior. When you use the sKash App or sKash Mastercard for your daily transactions, the algorithm will better understand your behavior and will start giving you relevant vouchers. 

By the end of the month, you will have saved a significant amount of money that you might not have been able to before you started using your sKash card. The best thing is that you will surely save between 3-5% per month, if you properly use your card. 

At first you might feel that the €0.50 & €2 voucher you get after a transaction are not significant, but think of this: 

If you have a €2 voucher from a gas station, and you go to fill up your tank for €20, you will automatically save 10%. A percentage, you might not see in any other reward system. 

Remember, the more you use sKash, the more personalized vouchers you have, the more YOU SAVE!