What is the sKash Spinner?

A reward system that knows what you want.
A reward system that knows what you want.

Your vouchers are in your hands.

Is your head all in a spin about our spinner? Don’t be we will explain how it works


What is the sKash Spinner?

Our spinner’s concept is super fun & easy; every time you pay with sKash you get a spinner with personalized vouchers. Once you hit the “Spin & Win” button you get the chance to win a voucher from our selective network of merchants. sKash spinner helps you save money on your everyday purchases.

The voucher won can be instantly redeemed, you just need to visit the assigned merchant, pay using sKash app & the amount will be automatically discounted from your total.

  • No need to enter or activate any code.
  • No need to wait for the merchant to validate the transaction to send you your reward.
  • No need to wait 90 days to get your discount.

sKash discounts are effortless & instant!

We told you it is super easy! 

How does the sKash spinner work?

Our main goal is to give you a spinner with vouchers from merchants at which you would enjoy shopping.

Our smart self-learning algorithm detects the relevant merchants based on many criteria:

The more you use your sKash for genuine payments at merchants, the more the algorithm will be able to detect your purchases’ preferences & lifestyle.

–  If you kept your vouchers unredeemed for a long time it will be unlikely to win new vouchers from these merchants.

The more you use your vouchers the more likely you will win from the same merchants again & again.

The vouchers you gift or exchange, if you gift or exchanged an unwanted voucher, the algorithm will detect that this merchant is not within your preferred merchants, therefore it will be unlikely to win vouchers from this merchant.


What is a voucher?

A voucher is a discount that you get every time you do a purchase using sKash app or sKash card online, offline, in Cyprus or abroad.

Where can I see my vouchers?

You can check your vouchers & their statuses on your sKash app.

How can I get more vouchers?

The more you pay with sKash app & sKash card, the more you get vouchers. We are constantly getting onboard new merchants around you. Make sure you check our merchant list regularly so you don’t miss out on new exciting merchants.

 Why does my friend have a different selection of vouchers?

Your vouchers are based on your purchasing behavior. Our smart algorism selects vouchers based on your lifestyle; what you would love or would use. We don’t want to give you vouchers that are irrelevant to you.


In summary, the vouchers you win are solely based on you & your purchase behaviors.

Is there a merchant you would like to have in our network? Send us an email at contact@skash.com