What is sKash GO?

The additional wallet for the youth
The additional wallet for the youth

It is never too early to let your child have the financial freedom they aspire, under your control.

sKash GO, the youth account for users aged between 7 & 17 years old.


How to open sKash GO account?

Parents can directly add an additional wallet from their sKash app, enroll their child in minutes, request their sKash card, FREE OF CHARGE.

Or the child can self-enroll, and all the parents need to do is validate their information & request their sKash card, FREE OF CHARGE.

Once the sKash GO wallet is created the child will be automatically given a free account with a European IBAN, they can instantly start using their account & card locally or internationally, online or in-stores, while all transactions are under parental supervision.

Everything will just become easier for the parent & the child!


But parents, don’t worry! You will still be able to monitor, manage & control the additional wallet from your sKash app.


How will you stay in control?

Even if sKash GO gives your child the freedom to spend, you are still in control of how much & where to spend.

– You can set accounts’ limits, card’s limits & transactions’ limits.

– You can restrict who can pay your child.

– You can restrict where your child can use their account or card.

– You can get notified on every transaction they make


Now, what about the child’s allowance?

We all remember how our parents used to give us our pocket money, and we all remember how we used to go back to our parents to ask for more.

Now, this is all ancient history with sKash GO.

You only need to automate your child’s allowance on a weekly or monthly basis, monitor where they are spending, know if their balance is low ahead of time & you can always send them money in just a tap, without them even asking.



What are you waiting for?

Open sKash GO account for your child & be the parent of the year!