What is sKash QR code?

A revolutionary, contactless payment method
A revolutionary, contactless payment method

sKash QR code is a revolutionary, contactless payment method, where you scan it at our network of merchants & your payment is instantly performed.

So what is so special about sKash QR code?

Not only it is faster & more convenient but also more secure.

You will never have to worry about someone taking your cash, paying using your card, or copying your card PIN.

Never Again worry about the security of your payments.

How do you pay using your sKash QR code?

You just need to open your sKash app, unlock your QR code using your fingerprint or Face ID, scan it at your favourite merchant, pay your bill, spin sKash wheel & win multiple cashback vouchers.

You can even pay with your QR code online at selected merchants.

What to do after winning your vouchers?

It is super easy, you just need to redeem it.

So how to redeem it?

Visit the relevant merchant, and pay using your sKash QR code & the voucher’s amount will be automatically deducted from your bill.

So with your sKash QR code, you pay at our network merchants faster & safer, and then you can redeem your valuable vouchers when paying with your sKash QR code at the relevant merchants.

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