How to shop online – Safely

Online shopping has been growing in popularity, it is more convenient, you will save time, be able to compare prices, find good deals. However, as its popularity increased so have the risks.

In this article, we will explore some tips to safely shop online.


Shop with known retailers

If you are shopping from international websites always try to shop with online retailers that you know & trust.

If you are shopping from local websites, check our network of merchants for online shops where you can swiftly & securely pay by scanning your sKash QR code.

Don’t shop on public WIFI

Avoid shopping from public WIFI, opt for secured known WIFI.

Pick strong passwords

A strong password for your accounts is like a secure lock that keeps cyber thieves out of the accounts where you store your private information.

  • Use a complex set of lower & uppercase numbers, numbers, letters, and symbols.
  • Avoid using personal information as a password
  • Never reuse the same password across different sites.


Check the site security before you shop

If you are shopping on a site for the first time Look for a lock icon in the browser bar of a site to verify that they use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. The URL also should start with “HTTPS” rather than just “HTTP.”

Use a card with high-security measures

You can reduce the risk of fraudulent card payments by using a highly secured card. With sKash card, you will be asked for two-ways identification to process an online payment, OTP & passcode.

In addition, if you ever suspect that your card information has been stolen, or threatened you can easily lock your card in seconds directly from your sKash app.



Securely shop online with sKash

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