How to make your paycheck last until payday?

When you are waiting for payday, days will seem longer especially if you are short on cash.

Follow these steps to save money every month.

1- Create a monthly budget

The first step is to create a monthly budget. Create a spreadsheet and include everything, from your rent, to credit card payments, to the meals you eat, to your bills, and everything you can think of.

Keep in your budget these sneaky expenses we usually forget about, such as streaming subscriptions, music subscriptions, etc…

Track your spending over several months to have an accurate picture of your financial situation.

sKash app provides you with a full overview of your transactions,  instant & free access to your Statement of Account.

2- Stop rounding amounts

Paying back your friends, family, or colleagues the exact amount you owe will save you tons of money. So if you are short on change, and you don’t want to round the amount you owe.

Easy! Pay them back directly from your sKash App in just a tap!

3- Don’t be shy to ask for your money back

Sometimes you might feel ashamed to ask for your money back, well you shouldn’t be!

And if you want to avoid any confrontation, you can send your friends & family a “Request to Pay” from sKash you can even add a funny message & emoticons

4- Keep an eye on your vouchers

Using sKash vouchers on regular basis will make you save.

You can save up to 10%  just on your grocery shopping!! So imagine how much you can actually save on all your purchases!  

All you have to do is use sKash to pay, keep an eye on your vouchers & instantly redeem them at our network of merchants.

5- Have fun at discounted rates

Having fun doesn’t have to cost you much with sKash’s network of merchants.

You could:

  • Go for a bike ride with your loved ones with NextBike
  • Enjoy football matches with friends at Cityfields
  • Enjoy time with your kids at Masterland