Save time & money with sKash!

With this fast-paced life, everyone needs a financial app that would save them time & money.


Here how sKash can help you reach that:


1-    Fast payment with sKash QR

Not only it is a secure payment method, but also a fast one. Scan & pay.

And the best part that every time you pay with sKash QR, you get instant vouchers from the merchants at which you paid.

This voucher will be automatically deducted from your bill the next time you pay at this merchant!

On average, sKashers save up to 10% on their groceries, fuel & coffee so imagine how much you can save every month if you daily pay with sKash!


2-    One app to save

              No need to have multiple loyalty cards, nor collect points nor wait to redeem; 

              when you pay with sKash QR or card you earn vouchers that you can instantly 

             redeem on your next bill, saving you time & money.


3-    Send money to anyone instantly

No need to drive to give them the money in person, nor send them the amount via bank transfer nor pay charges or run to a financial facility to send them money.

Simply, send the amount you need from sKash app in just 3 taps to anyone in Cyprus Free of charge even if they don’t have sKash & they will receive it instantly, saving you time & money.


4-    Pay your bills in one tap

Pay your bills directly from your app, No code needed, No extra charge.

With sKash you only need the number of your bills.