All the 2021 sKash highlights

This year sKash team has been busy adding new features, personalizing app experiences & acquiring new merchants.

We introduced the new merchant tab:

We made it easier for sKashers to shop from our network of merchants; and sKashers can browse our network of merchants by location, type, check the nearest merchants & much more.

Notable increase in sKash network of merchants:

New & existing merchants have joined sKash’s network which has led to an increase of ≈ 40% during 2021 covering all major cities in Cyprus.

We introduced split bill feature:

sKashers can easily & quickly split any bill or expense among their friends & family.

No Drama, No Calculator!

sKash GO self-enrollment:

Users aged between 7 & 17 can now enroll in sKash GO on their own & all their parent has to do is validate & confirm their information from their sKash App.

Utility & Services page redesign:

A more user-friendly design for the utility & services page to make it easier for sKashers to find & pay their bills from their sKash App

Launched sKash blog:

sKash blog aims to provide tips, insights & announce sKash’s latest features


That’s a wrap!

Stay tuned for more existing features next year.