Launching our new sKash VISA Debit card

sKash team has been working so hard behind the scenes, all to improve your debit card payment experience.

In June, the new sKash VISA Debit Card has been launched:

– Cutting-edge design

– Ecofriendly & biodegradable plastic

– Continue getting cashback vouchers when paying merchants that don’t accept sKash payment methods.

What to do to get the new sKash VISA debit card?

I-  If you are a sKasher who has the Mastercard debit card 

Go to the bank tab & confirm your address to receive the new sKash VISA debit card

II-  If you are a sKasher who doesn’t have the Mastercard debit card

Go to the Bank tab & request your sKash VISA Debit Card

III- If you are not a sKasher

Download sKash app, complete your registration & request your new sKash VISA Debit Card.