sKashers are at the center of all sKash design & development.

For the past months, our teams have been working on ways to evolve sKashers’ payment experience & make it even easier & more rewarding. 

After launching our new upgraded VISA card, now the time is here to launch the updated sKash app. We will start gradually rolling the app to sKashers, and by September it will be available to all users. 

So how will your payment experience become more easy & rewarding? 

No more missed wheels!
– QR payment has never been easier; scan your sKash QR, and instantly spin your wheel. 

A faster & smoother card payment experience.
– The newly designed Premium vertical VISA card provides a smoother user experience since it mimics how users typically handle their cards when they either tap to pay or insert the card into the chip reader vertically. 


And the best part is that your cashback vouchers will be more personalized & rewarding.

How does the new smart spinner work?

Multiple cashback vouchers

The new smart spinner will allow you to pay less at more merchants.

No fixed cashback voucher

Your wins will be a percentage of your bill amount.

Cashback vouchers based on your purchasing behavior

The algorithm will be able to identify your preference for cashback vouchers based on your transaction history (QR & card payment), location, age & gender.