What’s sKash smart spinner?

Are you wondering what changed in the new sKash spinner?
Well it became smarter & most importantly, more rewarding.

So what changed exactly?

More cashback vouchers!
NOW you get multiple cashback vouchers to pay less at more merchants.
Imagine you use your sKash app at a clothing store, it is a place that you won’t visit on a daily basis.

Now your cashback voucher will not only be from this store, but also from other stores such as coffee shops, petrol stations, supermarkets, and shops that you would actually pay at on a daily basis.

So with the new smart spinner, you will be paying less on most of your daily transactions.

No more fixed cashback vouchers!
Now your cashback vouchers are a percentage of your purchase. The more you pay, the more your cashback voucher amount will be higher.

Your purchase behavior determines your cashback vouchers
The new smart algorithm will be able to identify your preference for cashback vouchers based on your transaction history (QR & card payment), location, age & gender. 

With sKash you always pay less!