Donating is the greatest act of grace 

Giving back is very important to our users, for this reason, sKashers can directly donate to charities from their sKash app. 

Go to the “Wallet Tab”, and tap on “Pay Services & Utilities” to find the list of charities available.
There’s no minimum amount to donate, any amount could help the charities help more people. 
And of course, 100% of the amount donated is given to the charity.

We have chosen charities that might be closer to the heart of our users, the list will grow over time

Europa Donna Cypurs

for breast cancer awareness movement, member of the European Breast cancer Coalition


the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), a voluntary, non-profit, charitable organization

If you are supporting other charities, you can still do that via your sKash app via bank transfers.