A day as a software engineer

Hello I am Joanna,

My journey at sKash began in March 2019, as a Junior software developer. My initial tasks included the banking core system, everything related to merchants’ standing orders, card system, internal reconciliation & accounting. Over the past years, I was able to develop both personally & professionally, and now I am a software engineer.

As a software engineer, my tasks include: 

  • Setting full flows for new features
  • Divide the tasks & delegate them to team members
  • Develop the needed tasks
  • Test the new feature & make sure that all cases are handled
  • Manage support tickets with the operation team.

What is a day in the life of a software engineer at sKash?

Usually, no day is like the other at sKash, but I was able to establish a work schedule

I reach the office between 8 & 9 am, however when we are going live with core banking features I might arrive way before 8 am

Grab breakfast with the team

Set the daily plan & ensure that every team member understands their tasks

I start working on my task

1 pm – LUNCHTIME. We either have lunch in the company or we go out for some delicious food around us.

After lunch – It is Focus time, with a coffee in hand, I continue working on my tasks & overseeing other team members.

6 pm – Home time, however, we are always on call if any technical support is needed

What do I love the most about working at sKash?

Tasks are exciting & always challenge me as a software engineer.
The work environment is full of fun yet sometimes full of drama.

But what I love the most is having a second family at sKash.