A day as software developer

Hello I am Hussam,

My journey at sKash began in March 2021 and started with working on the back office system of sKash while taking minor features. Throughout my time at sKash, I developed my technical skills allowing me to take more responsibility. Now, my main task is working on & enhancing the algorithm of the loyalty business plan, the sKash Spinner.

As a software developer, my tasks include:

  • Developing new features
  • Making sure we are implementing efficient codes across the app
  • Following up on new technologies in the field in order to apply the best suited technologies for sKash

What is a day in the life of a software developer at sKash.

I reach the office at 8 am, if not needed before 8 am to implement new features & monitor their activities

Grab breakfast with the team

Meeting with my team leader

Set the weekly plan & deadlines

I start working on my task


After lunch – Continue working on my tasks to make sure we meet our deadlines

6 pm – Home time, however, we are always on call if any technical support is needed

What do I love the most about working at sKash?

Working with my colleagues, especially with the team working on the sKash Spinner. I find the way we discuss new iterations & solutions overly exciting.

The team is more like a family, and that’s what is rarely found in other companies.

Altogether, my journey at sKash is full of challenges and joy.